Hello, World!

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Hello, World! My name is Eli and I’m a freelance software developer located in Santa Monica, CA. I mainly work on event based marketing initiatives for a variety of clients. Many of these initiatives have a significant social mission aimed at teens and young adults. My work on Toyota’s TeenDrive365 and AT&T’s It Can Wait involved developing a unique and impactful Virtual Reality driving simulation experience. More recently, I’ve been involved with the PEERS Foundations’ CREATE: Music STEAM initiative to inspire and develop a new generation of STEM students.

In addition to the socially conscious projects above, I’ve had the pleasure of working on a variety of development projects - ranging from autonomous drone navigation to enhanced Virtual and Augmented Reality projects. I’ve also written tons and tons of documentation for various clients, trained hundreds of brand ambassadors to represent worldwide brands, and helped established companies attract developers as an evangelist. While previous versions of my website served as more of a professional portfolio, I’ve decided to change and update it to show off my own personal projects. I enjoy learning about new technologies and tools, and I love to challenge myself to create new software and hardware solutions.

That being said, some of the code here is going to be pretty hacky (but it works!), some of the solutions a little less than elegant, and many of the projects will be a rough glimmer of a prototype. But I enjoy the challenge of learning and trying new things, and I hope you learn something new!