My name is Elijah Scheele, and I’m a technologist based in Southern California. I consider myself to be more of a tech generalist than a specialist - I’ve had the privilege of working with a variety of technologies throughout my career. I’ve programmed industrial robotics, designed and implemented continuous improvement projects, built experiential marketing exhibits for Fortune 100 companies, and been co-founder and CTO of an amazing Real Estate startup. As a result of these experiences, I’ve implemented novel Computer Vision techniques using FPGAs, designed massively scalable Web platforms, built all manner of crazy robotics and many more weird and fun projects. I’m currently Principal Engineer at GameBench and am not looking for a new role.

I’ve put up this site to document some of my projects, thoughts, and explorations in coding, hardware, and music. I hope to regularly publish my efforts at creative coding, XR application development, hardware design, and my experiments in musical technology. I also hope that my posts and projects will motivate others to remix or adapt to meet their needs. And of course, I look forward to chatting with anyone about technology and its creative applications. I’m also hoping to find conferences and events looking for speakers or workshop hosts as I’d like to contribute more to the technology community.

Why I 💗 Technology

I’ve always been amazed by the openness and availability of information around software engineering, computer science, and technology - it’s one of the few fields where a culture of sharing is encouraged and a spirit of hacking is ingrained. I’ve watched as the open-source community in technology has grown and expanded, and the tools and knowledge necessary for building hardware and software have become more and more accessible to lay practitioners.

The community of sharing and openness has also been a large part of my fascination with technology. As such, I’ve had the honor of helping to facilitate and run two community meetups in Los Angeles - MLTogether and Hardware Hacking Hangout - West LA. The knowledge and friendships I’ve gained through these groups has inspired me and kept me curious.

Finally, the creative potential of the marriage of art and technology is a great source of inspiration and passion for me. Projects like Processing, OpenRNDR, Cinder, openFrameworks, and many others allow a boring techy like me (who can barely draw a stick figure) be visually artistic and creative. The musical synthesizer community is another source of inspiration for me; there are numerous designs for modules, effects processors, and full synthesizers freely available on the internet. The Eurorack community inspired me to make my own DIY Eurorack Synthesizer.

Contacting me…

If you’d like to chat about technology or if you’re looking for a speaker for a workshop or conference, feel free to reach me using one of the methods below…